Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Site

Ok so I finally decided to make a real site for CorSec.

No more updates will be posted here please refer to the above page for future products and posts.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Flight Stand Prototypes





Got some great news! I was asked to design a better stand for space games. So here is the prototype. Got some DFM (Design for Manufacturing) to do but the concept has been proven and I can move on with trying to make a production model.

What we have here is a magnet stand that will hold rather large ships and even small ones. The wedge allows for rotation up to a rather steep angle. This large a ship will not go the complete 90 without falling off but anything smaller would work. This is a full thrust carrier and is rather heavy. The main point of this stand is to be stable during play and removable easily for storage. The rotation is a benefit if needed.

Other varients may come out later if demand is there. These would be a stand capable of rotating on 2 axis instead of just the one and maybe a smaller set for frigates and fighters.

The production will have two diffent size bases. a 2 inch circle and a 4 inch circle. The ship shown is more suited for a 4 inch base. Also may release hex varients. I need to do more research to see what most ship based games use. Let me know what you would like to see. Bases will be laser cut and have an etched compass rose.

Stay tuned for more information and pricing as I get the design finalized.

As a side note other projects currently in the works are a 15mm (maybe scaled up to 28mm in the future) terrain system for dungeons and Scifi. It will be modular and cusomizable with 2d rooms for the basic stuff and doors (think space hulk) But an optional 3d component with walls and bridges and many other goodies.

Also some of my products will be available at Heat of Battle at the WWII museum in New Orleans this weekend. See Bobe's Hobby House for details.
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New products in the pipeline

To keep everyone updated we are working on getting some of our products into stores near you. If you are a hobby store owner and want to carry any products offered by CorSec contact us at

On the design side we are working on getting a few new prototype ideas off the ground.

15mm Scifi corridor system. This will be a space hulk like system that can be used with 15mm figs to create massive star ship and base scenarios.

Fiber optic equipped star mats. Ever wonder why it would be like to have a cool star map that actually light up?

Any ideas or thoughts don't hesitate to comment or email us. Our goal is to work with gamers to enhance their gaming experience.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3D modular terrian Battletech

Ok had a great time at bayou wars with my terrain. It took a lot more work then I wanted but the design is great. Biggest problem right now is the production process. So if your interested in hexes let me know. I have some ideas to crank out hexes faster and with more precision if there is enough interest. Each of these maps are made of individual hexes that where attached to a foam board with 2 sided tape and then painted and flocked. Even added some rubble hexes. The maps are copies of two paper maps. Desert Hills and Desert mountains. Ok enough talk to the PHOTOS!

The system worked great with the hex building blocks and would have been awesome if they where more precise and easier to make. Seriously if there is enough interest then I may open production on sets of these. However at this time I cannot because the time and money are to much of a gamble right now. Enjoy the pics. If your interested in purchasing these maps contact me. I may sell them if someone wants them.

Battletech Quick Strike Cards

Having tried the quick strike rules we quickly fell in love with them. So I did a bunch of cards using the template that catalyst provides and stats from skunkwerks conversions. I posted them all online so feel free to download and use them. If you haven't tried quick strike then give it a shot. Its faster cleaner and way more fun. Of course you need to get some terrain but come on buy some cheap trees and some green felt and go to town. Spray paint areas darker green for the trees and maybe even a nice road and you have your a game map. Add hills and building later just have some fun.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Battletech Token Set

Battletech Tokens!

Ok I know litko made a set for mech combat but I felt it was lacking. So I decided to make my dream set. Each token is about the size of the hex side for the minis. I feel this works better and looks a lot better. Here is a run down of what I thought was needed

Out of Control
Pilot Check
Torso Twist

If you have more suggestions let me know. I will be posting set of these for sale soon.

Modular Battletech Terrain

Ok got some pics and some info. I'm designing a modular battletech hex terrain map system. The down side each hex is individual. The plus side is its very flexible. Still working out the production side of things but my first map is coming together. here are the basic units.

A little wood glue to seal them with some paint mixed in for color. add a little red flocking and the hope is I can make a rather cool looking desert map. Still working out the final stages of how to hold it all together but the tape is working great for painting a ton of small hexes at a single time.

Stay tuned for more info and possible product. Right now its way to much work for me to produce them on a regular basis.